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Weston Arena, 2125 Lawrence Ave. W

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416 241-0502

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The Weston Lions normally meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month at the Royal Gate Restaurant, 140 La Rose Avenue, Etobicoke from September to June. 

The dinner meetings start at 6:30 PM and dinner is followed by a guest speaker and finally Lions' business. The speakers are Lions such as the District and Zone Chairmen, from various charities and local community groups or speak on a topic of general interest. 


The three special meetings of the year are the annual Christmas dinner , the Charter Night in March, celebrating the  inauguration of the club in 1941 and a BBQ in June to install the incoming executive for the next Lions year. In addition the meetings are sometimes held in conjunction with other Lions Clubs as inter-Club visits or may be to at organizations which have been recipients of Weston Lions donations such as West Park Hospital or the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Training Centre in Oakville, Ontario.


Fund Raising Activities

The Weston Lions have two major fund raising projects and a number of smaller ones throughout the year. 

During the baseball season, the Weston Lions, along with many friends of the Lions, provide staff at the gates of Toronto's Skydome for over 20 give-aways per year for the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball team, which is part of the American Baseball League. More than 30 people per game hand out the free items given to patrons on behalf of the Blue Jays.  In return, the Blue Jays make contribution to the Weston Lions Club Benevolent Account, which is then used for charitable purposes.  Not only are these give-aways fund raisers, they mean that members of the club continue to get together throughout the summer when the club is not holding regular meetings.

The second major fund raiser is staffing the Snack bar at the Weston Lions Arena. The Snack Bar is open on Tuesday evenings, week-ends and for special events such as hockey tournaments. You can always find some friendly Lions there  selling Toronto's best french fries. The menu also boasts  free smiles from friendly Lion volunteers.

In addition to these major activity fund raisers, some Lions sell Entertainment Books as a fund raiser, donate time to help other charities and non-profit organizations and work at the District level. 

To rent ice time at Weston Lions Arena please contact the Arena Manager, Bob Gray at (416) 241-0502.  The arena is used for figure skating, minor hockey, adult hockey, photo shoots and recreational skating.


Charitable Donations

The Weston Lions have a history of providing a wide variety of support to the local community as well as on a more global stage. 

Support has been given to local hospitals, such as West Park Hospital, Medical Missions to Central America, to organizations that help the blind such as the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, to medical research and to individuals needing  medical help.  Collection of eyeglasses for redistribution to lesser developed countries is an on-going activity as well.  These are just a few examples of helping the individuals and organizations in the medical arena.

Locally, funds have been provided to schools for awards, historical organizations (e.g The Weston Historical Society), charities, libraries for books, for support of minor hockey and baseball, and many other purposes.

The key themes for Weston Lions charitable donations over the years have been medicine, the blind and youth, although many other areas such as seniors, the police and fire departments have also benefited from contributions from the Weston Lions.


Service to the Community

The Weston Lions and various associated clubs have provided over 4,500 years of service to the community since it was chartered.